Sunday, February 11, 2007

Max's First Birthday

We celebrated Max's 1st birthday today. We don't actually know when his birthday is (we never got his papers, and we can't find the girl we bought him from) but after doing the math, we decided that celebrating on February 11th would be close enough. We went over to the Harroun's to celebrate 2 other birthday's as well - Ben's and Marilyn's.

I found a recipe online for a doggy cake. It didn't turn out quite right because I'm a dork and forgot to put the egg in, but it was fun anyway. We were really hoping that Max would just rip into the cake and make a mess, but he took his time. It was fun, and I thought the cake turned out really cute. He got 2 new squeaky toys (his favorite), so he was a very happy puppy. I can't believe he is already 1!!