Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The Economy Takes Another Victim...

Yes, ladies and gentlemen - as of 11:35am on Friday, October 17th, I am officially unemployed. The market the last few weeks was brutal for my company, and they cut down to only 3 employees. On Thursday, my boss asked me for vacation hours remaining for a bunch of employees, and I knew right away there were going to be layoffs. I went in to talk to him, and I guess they had decided to keep him, (the COO), the webmaster, and me. I was kind of stunned that they had decided to keep me, being 6 months pregnant and all. I talked to him, and told him that it probably wasn't the smartest decision because I was hoping to not have to come back after the baby is born. He said that made sense, and left the decision up to me.

That day was SOOO stressful. Josh had just started his job on Monday, and he was out that day with the owner of the company, learning the ropes, so he wasn't really available to talk. I had to make my decision that day, and needless to say, it was not fun. I really got thinking about it, though, and I would have to take over duties that I just wasn't comfortable with. I knew I would hate my new job, and I knew that I would be leaving in 3 months if at all possible. So I ended up telling him that they should really do what is best for the company. I knew he was just trying to take care of me because I'm pregnant, and who would hire a pregnant woman! But in the end, they let me go, along with 3 others from my company as well as 3 others from our sister company. And if things don't get better, I'm sure they will layoff even more.

So everything is really weird right now. Luckily, Josh really loves his new job, and even though he's only been there about a week, he's kicking some butt. I really have no worries, and I know we'll be ok. And for now, I'll be a stay at home wife, preparing to be a stay at home mom!! I'm actually quite grateful, because there is a lot I want to get done before our baby comes, and I think it's going to take me 3 months to get it all done! I had a huge list of things to do yesterday, and I barely made a dent. I guess even though I am feeling ambitious, my body is not. So I'm taking it one day at a time, but I'm sure it will take me a few weeks to get used to this. I've had a job since I was 15, so it feels really weird knowing that I'm not going to be working!!

But in happy news, if you look to the right, we are under 100 days! I've been waiting for the double didgits - she's going to be here before we know it!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

25 Weeks!!

My last picture was at 20 weeks, and I was going to post one every 2 weeks, but here it is, almost halfway through 25 weeks! Oh well...

Please, once again, ignore the fat arms, but I can't believe how big my little girl is getting!! I take pictures of my naked belly every week (which I will NOT be showing on here!!) but I can't believe how much bigger I was between my 24th and 25th weeks. I keep wondering how I can get any bigger, but I still have 15 weeks to go!

She is kicking like crazy these days. I've been lucky that I've been able to feel her every day since I started feeling her around 18 weeks, so that has been a relief. She doesn't have a schedule that I can detect yet, but she definitely has active days and not so active days. She's not so much kicking these days as she is moving around - I guess she's starting to run out of room in there! 99% of the time I love feeling her move around, but she's starting to find positions to hang out in that aren't so comfortable for me - so I can see how this is going to be more uncomfortable in the last couple months! I had my 24 week appt. last week, and I was scared that the doctor would get mad at me because I gained 10 pounds last month (!) but luckily, he said that he doesn't care how much I gain as long as I'm being healthy. I'm doing cardio at least 3 times a week, and I don't feel like I really eat a ton, so I'm not too worried. I only gained 1 pound last week, so maybe last month she just had a growth spurt!! I get another ultrasound in 3 weeks. I'm excited to see her again, and I keep praying that my placenta has moved up so that everything will be great for the delivery!

In other news, Josh is working again!! I don't think I mentioned anything on here, but the last job he had didn't work out (if you want the details, email me) but he started working for a company called Big City Insulation yesterday. He is a salesman - selling insulation to both new and existing construction. I think he's really going to love it because he's not tied to an office or a desk all day. He gets to drive around and talk to contractors, and I think he is going to do really well! Our prayers have definitely been answered, and I feel so blessed lately. I don't know how we made it so long on my salary, but I know that our faith and prayers have definitley played a part. We'll have to see how the first few months of his job go to see if I will be able to stay at home once our little girl comes, but I really think that things will work out. Life is good!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Baby's Room

I can't stop changing my mind!!

I've been looking at baby bedding for weeks now, trying to decide what to get so that we can start painting her room. But I keep changing my mind! Normally, I would say that I'm not a "theme" girl. I was looking at mostly contemporary sets, until I came upon this set:
and I totally fell in love with the butterfly theme. In this picture, the room is way overboard - and I don't need or want all of the coordinating pieces, but I like the basic bedding. And I know how I would paint the room. In fact, I had this picked out before I even knew we were having a girl.

But then I started looking around, and I found a set at Target that I liked. It was way cheaper, too, but after reading reviews, I found out that it is cheaper because the quality was not so good. So I went back to the butterflies.

I got online to order it this morning (with my birthday money!!) and just haven't been able to commit. And then, searching online, I found this set:

And now I totally can't make up my mind! I love the second set - it's more along the lines of what I was originally looking for. It's cheaper, but comes with less. But it sounds like the quality is a lot better, even though I haven't really found any reviews complaining about the quality on the first set. The bad thing about this second set is that - from what I can find - you can't buy extra sheets that match. I want several extra sheets, because I'm sure I'll need them. And I know I could use a black or white sheet, but that kind of defeats the purpose of a set, doesn't it? Plus, there's not a matching mobile, which isn't a deal breaker, but I would like one that matches. There are a lot of accessories to choose from with this second set, but none that I would really want. All I really want is the bedding, a mobile, and a valance. But there is no mobile or valance for the second set. But it's so cute, I just can't stop thinking about it now!!

Any opinions?