Monday, December 31, 2012

Easton Randoms - December 2012

Abbi Randoms - December 2012

12/16 - Asher and Rylan are my cousins.  Asher and Rylan are even my buddies!  Mama, can we be buddies?

Instagram Randomness - December 2012

December 8 - The kids want as much of daddy as they can get on daddy's day off!
December 13 - What happens when your sister really wishes she had a sister to play dress up with!
December 18 - Waking up to snow!

December 23 - working on my 2013 vision board!

December 29 - Goofy Girls!

Saturday, December 29, 2012

2nd Christmas

We were originally supposed to go to Josh's parent's house the Sunday before Christmas to celebrate.  Unfortunately, Josh had caught whatever Abbi had previously and wasn't feeling well at all.  And then Easton got sick, so it wasn't until the weekend after Christmas that we were able to make it up there.

We had dinner, and then the kids were overly excited to unwrap their presents.  All three of them got spoiled with gifts from Josh's parents and his siblings.  Abbi got the Lalaloopsy that she had been wanting, and Easton got some big trucks.  All three of them walked away with a lot of clothes.  It was a fun night!

(excuse the quality of the photos - they were all taken with my phone.)

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas 2012

Merry Christmas!!

I always look forward to Christmas, and it's even more fun now with kids.  Especially since Abbi and Easton are old enough to get excited about it.

Santa did not disappoint this year.  Abbi was spoiled with a whole collection of fairies plus window markers, a mini My Little Pony, crayons, and more.

Easton was ecstatic to find race cars and a race track, along with Cars coloring pages and a stocking full of more fun things.

Santa didn't forget Camden, either, with baby toys and a singing monkey.

And this is the first year that Santa left a toy for all of them to share!

I think Max just wanted the chocolate!

Once everyone was up, it was time to open presents.  It sure is fun seeing their faces light up!

And it was fun to be there with my parents and to share Christmas morning with them.

After presents were opened, we had our traditional scones for breakfast.  We didn't get them last year since we spent the morning at a hotel, so it was a treat to have them this year!

Abbi went right to work coloring the windows and playing with her toys.

After presents, breakfast, and some crazy time in the kitchen, we all headed over to Tami's house for Christmas lunch and festivities.

The food was amazing as always and the kids had tons of fun playing together.  Abbi sure does love playing with her cousins, and Easton loves the collection of cars he gets to play with over there!

Then all the kids opened presents from Grandma and Grandpa.

Abbi scored with a huge tea set.

And Easton couldn't have been happier with a huge collection of cars.  Camden got a fun toy to hang on his carseat that I know he's going to love.

It was such a great holiday and I can't wait for next year now!

(and I now notice that Camden is noticeably absent from any photos - but I promise he was there!!)

Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas Eve 2012

Christmas Eve is always one of my favorite days.  And it's usually a busy one!

It's tradition to go to breakfast for my mom's birthday, so we all met up at IHOP for our little celebration.

 All day long, it snowed outside.  It wasn't very fun to drive in, but it meant one great thing:


That afternoon, there was a little bit of time for some rest and relaxation before everyone came over to celebrate mom's birthday.  (I say some rest and relaxation, but does that really ever exist??)

We had taco salad and cherry chip cake with fluffy frosting.  (And you've gotta love the photo-bomber in the top right cake picture!)

After the cake was eaten and the presents were opened, we piled into cars and headed over to see the Festival of Lights.  My mom hopped into the car with me, Abbi, Easton and Camden.  Camden wasn't very happy and cried most of the time, but I think the other two kids really liked the lights.

Even though it was late, the kids had to open their Christmas Eve presents.  And of course, it was new jammies!!  Everyone was pretty exhausted, so the kids went to be pretty easily to wait for Santa to come!