Saturday, June 30, 2012

Instagram-Randomness June

June 5 - oh how I love the library!

June 9- pancake central.  My job is exciting at times!!

June 15- this is all my garden consists of this year, but I love it!

June17 - attempting homemade pasta!

June 20 - beautiful summer day!

June 29 - the beginnings of another Utah wildfire...

Easton Randoms - June 2012

Anything for a little entertainment!

Love that smile!

Who said I need a swimming pool?

It's definitely easiest to get a photo of him when he's in his high chair.  It's the only way he stays still!

Playing in the play area at the dr. office

Yes, this boy loves playing with shoes!

Cool hat!

Abbi Randoms - June 2012

6/7 - "momma, I need you to put this flower in my hair so I won't look like a ragamuffin."

6/14 - "momma, does the baby in your belly wear diapers yet?"

 6/18 - me "you have to go to bed and get some rest because you have to go to the doctor tomorrow." Abbi "but I'm not pregnant!"

6/19 - me "Abbi, I need to use the computer to look up the address of the doctor's office." Abbi "it's ok mommy, the doctor's office is just on first street. No, maybe it's on apple street!"

6/20 - Abbi had just gone potty, and asked for a potty treat. I told her no because she hadn't eaten her dinner. So she went to daddy - "daddy, I want a potty treat." Josh - "did you ask mommy?" And after a brief pause, Abbi says "just give me a potty treat, daddy." At least she didn't lie and say that I said yes!!

6/28 - "Do you know what my favorite creature is besides elephants and seahorses? Cucumbers that live in the sea!!"

and the photos...

First day at the swimming pool!

Hopefully one day she'll stop sucking her thumb...

Little iPhone stealer!

Why, yes - she is going through a naked stage!

Her favorite toy - her "pet" seahorse Julie

Friday, June 29, 2012

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Field Trip Fun - Park & Library Day

I should have known.  When you are almost 21 weeks pregnant, and when the temperature outside is 100F, it's probably not the best idea to do something outside...

Our field trip started off with a picnic.  I had read about a place to eat online called  Village Baker.  I had told Abbi that we would pick up some food and then have a picnic (since that's all that she has wanted to do).  Luckily, we had planned a picnic because this restaurant had no sit down areas - it was only take out.  We got our food and headed over the the Veteran's Memorial park that we have been wanting to explore.

Each of the kids had a piece of pizza that they devoured.  It was pretty good, and the kids both liked it.  I got a chicken salad sandwich, and although the chicken salad was good, the bread was really good.   I would go back just for that bread!!

The kids wanted to run and play.  And I would have been happy to just sit there in the shade and let them run!

But Abbi wanted to play at the playground, so we headed over.

And it was hot.  So hot, in fact, that I probably only lasted 10 minutes before I was ready to leave the playground.  

Plus, Easton just wanted to throw wood chips on his head. Typical boy!

The new West Jordan library is right next door to the park, so we headed inside to cool off and to read some books.  We made it through a couple of books, but Abbi and Easton were both too interested in just pulling more and more books off of the shelf to add to our pile. 

We ended up just checking out some books to take home because the heat from outside really did us in.  (You can totally tell how flushed Abbi's cheeks are!!)  We'll know better next time - and go back to the park in the fall when the temps are in the 70s!!

Friday, June 22, 2012

Brave Girl

My brave, brave girl.

I took Abbi and Easton to the dentist a few weeks ago.  I knew that Abbi had 2 pretty bad cavities.  Bad enough that I could see them when I looked in her mouth.  I was so embarrassed, because I promise that we brush her teeth regularly.  (The dentist said that a lot of times, kids this age just have really soft teeth, and unfortunately, it's quite common for them to get cavities easily.)

The cavities were bad enough that they needed caps on her teeth - fillings wouldn't cut it.  And since she is so young, we decided to go the route of having her out while they did the procedure.  I debated back and forth, but the dentist said that it's hard for a kid Abbi's age to be able to just sit in the chair to get them done and that a lot of times, it scares kids away from the dentist in the future.  And I thought about when I had to have just one cap put on my tooth and how hard that was for me to even sit in the chair.  So we made an appointment at a dental surgical center to have her teeth fixed.

The day came.  Josh came with me, and poor guy, he had an even harder time than me watching her get put under.  Luckily, she was really good.  We waited during the surgery, and after they came out to get us and take us back to her.  They said that she had just woken up, put her thumb in her mouth and turned over and went to sleep.  I held her for awhile.  She woke up and was thirsty and sucked down a box of juice.  And not a tear was shed.  The nurse kept saying how surprised she was at how well Abbi was actiing, and how she was definitely the best patient of the day.

After we waited for her to come out, and after some instructions from the doctor and nurse, we headed home.  Both Josh and I were prepared for an afternoon of tears and whining, but we were both surprised.  They had told us to just keep her down for the day, watching movies or reading books.  Seriously, within a couple of hours, she just wanted to get up and play!!  We had a hard time even keeping her down for the rest of the day!

The next morning, she was completely back to herself.  I am still so surprised at how well everything went and how well she did.  No complaining - only about not being able to get up and play.  She's my little trooper!!

20 Weeks

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Field Trip Fun - Sweet's Candy

Today's field trip, although fun, did not turn out exactly like we had planned!! 

We had reservations to do a tour of the Sweet's Candy factory with Tami, Amy, Janell, and Kacy, and since we usually do lunch anyway we decided to get together for lunch before the tour.  What we didn't plan for -which we should have - was that the service would be so incredibly slow and that we wouldn't have time to eat and make it over for our tour appointments.

We all met up at Winger's (minus Tami).  We waited forever for food, and our food only was just coming when we should have all been leaving to make it to the factory on time.  Abbi, Easton and I ate very quickly and rushed over, hoping that Tamil and her fam would be there and we could all take the first tour.

Well, Tami was planning on hitting the second appointment, so we were the only ones there.  We decided to just go by ourselves - no use in not going because I knew that we couldn't all go on the second tour!  It was fun, and interesting, (and no pictures because cameras weren't allowed), but I think my kids would have liked it better if they were a little older.  (Well, Abbi kept saying she was ready to leave, but when we got home that night, she played "candy factory" all day, so I think she actually did like it.)

After the tour, we of course had to pick up some candy at the store.  I love salt water taffy and can't resist it, even though it always give me a stomach ache.  But I couldn't help but pick up some of their fun flavors!!

Unfortunately, not everyone got to go on the tours.  Tami's family waited to see if they could get in on a different tour, but it didn't work out.  But I think that they made an appointment for another day.  We'll know better next time!!

Monday, June 18, 2012

Little Runaway

Easton loves being outside. In fact, there are times that he will stand at the back sliding glass door and cry and cry to go outside. These are the times that I really miss having our own, fenced backyard!!

One day, I went to go let Max, and Easton snuck out behind me. And off he went, hoping to get away so that he would be able to stay outside!!

Friday, June 15, 2012

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Field Trip Fun - Thanksgiving Point Children's Discovery Garden

For today's fieldtrip, we headed back down to Thanksgiving Point. The kids and I started off with lunch at one of their restaurants, The Tower Deli. I'm realizing more and more every week, especially as my belly grows and my energy disappears, that taking 2 toddlers out to eat is not an easy task. We sat outside, and there were no high chairs so I had Easton on my lap. My sandwich, although tasty, was really hard to eat one handed. And of course, Abbi wouldn't eat hardly anything. So I wouldn't say it was the most fun part of our day. The sandwich that I got was good, but the broccoli salad was not. But it was an adventure! 

After lunch, we met up with Kacy and her kids at the Children's Discovery Garden. It was a hot day, so the water features were definitely welcome. This was our first time here, and I could totally see us coming back and spending lots of time. We were there for several hours, and the kids probably would have been happy staying even longer. They have lots of water to play in, ponds, a sandbox, a river where you can race boats down, and all kinds of things to see. It was such a fun day!!