Saturday, June 30, 2012

Abbi Randoms - June 2012

6/7 - "momma, I need you to put this flower in my hair so I won't look like a ragamuffin."

6/14 - "momma, does the baby in your belly wear diapers yet?"

 6/18 - me "you have to go to bed and get some rest because you have to go to the doctor tomorrow." Abbi "but I'm not pregnant!"

6/19 - me "Abbi, I need to use the computer to look up the address of the doctor's office." Abbi "it's ok mommy, the doctor's office is just on first street. No, maybe it's on apple street!"

6/20 - Abbi had just gone potty, and asked for a potty treat. I told her no because she hadn't eaten her dinner. So she went to daddy - "daddy, I want a potty treat." Josh - "did you ask mommy?" And after a brief pause, Abbi says "just give me a potty treat, daddy." At least she didn't lie and say that I said yes!!

6/28 - "Do you know what my favorite creature is besides elephants and seahorses? Cucumbers that live in the sea!!"

and the photos...

First day at the swimming pool!

Hopefully one day she'll stop sucking her thumb...

Little iPhone stealer!

Why, yes - she is going through a naked stage!

Her favorite toy - her "pet" seahorse Julie

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