Friday, June 22, 2012

Brave Girl

My brave, brave girl.

I took Abbi and Easton to the dentist a few weeks ago.  I knew that Abbi had 2 pretty bad cavities.  Bad enough that I could see them when I looked in her mouth.  I was so embarrassed, because I promise that we brush her teeth regularly.  (The dentist said that a lot of times, kids this age just have really soft teeth, and unfortunately, it's quite common for them to get cavities easily.)

The cavities were bad enough that they needed caps on her teeth - fillings wouldn't cut it.  And since she is so young, we decided to go the route of having her out while they did the procedure.  I debated back and forth, but the dentist said that it's hard for a kid Abbi's age to be able to just sit in the chair to get them done and that a lot of times, it scares kids away from the dentist in the future.  And I thought about when I had to have just one cap put on my tooth and how hard that was for me to even sit in the chair.  So we made an appointment at a dental surgical center to have her teeth fixed.

The day came.  Josh came with me, and poor guy, he had an even harder time than me watching her get put under.  Luckily, she was really good.  We waited during the surgery, and after they came out to get us and take us back to her.  They said that she had just woken up, put her thumb in her mouth and turned over and went to sleep.  I held her for awhile.  She woke up and was thirsty and sucked down a box of juice.  And not a tear was shed.  The nurse kept saying how surprised she was at how well Abbi was actiing, and how she was definitely the best patient of the day.

After we waited for her to come out, and after some instructions from the doctor and nurse, we headed home.  Both Josh and I were prepared for an afternoon of tears and whining, but we were both surprised.  They had told us to just keep her down for the day, watching movies or reading books.  Seriously, within a couple of hours, she just wanted to get up and play!!  We had a hard time even keeping her down for the rest of the day!

The next morning, she was completely back to herself.  I am still so surprised at how well everything went and how well she did.  No complaining - only about not being able to get up and play.  She's my little trooper!!


Kailie@TheBreitSide said...

I had to have quite a few caps put on my teeth when I was younger. I also had a bunch pulled. Milk rot, gotta love it. So good that she is such a trooper though!

Abby said...

I'm in the process of making C's first dentist appointment. I DREAD it... But I'm glad Abbi's went so well! That makes me feel better.

Michelle said...

what a sweet girl. Nothing worse than watching your baby get anisthesia...? (spelling?)

so glad she recovered well!