Thursday, June 14, 2012

Field Trip Fun - Thanksgiving Point Children's Discovery Garden

For today's fieldtrip, we headed back down to Thanksgiving Point. The kids and I started off with lunch at one of their restaurants, The Tower Deli. I'm realizing more and more every week, especially as my belly grows and my energy disappears, that taking 2 toddlers out to eat is not an easy task. We sat outside, and there were no high chairs so I had Easton on my lap. My sandwich, although tasty, was really hard to eat one handed. And of course, Abbi wouldn't eat hardly anything. So I wouldn't say it was the most fun part of our day. The sandwich that I got was good, but the broccoli salad was not. But it was an adventure! 

After lunch, we met up with Kacy and her kids at the Children's Discovery Garden. It was a hot day, so the water features were definitely welcome. This was our first time here, and I could totally see us coming back and spending lots of time. We were there for several hours, and the kids probably would have been happy staying even longer. They have lots of water to play in, ponds, a sandbox, a river where you can race boats down, and all kinds of things to see. It was such a fun day!! 

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Michelle said...

That looks like so much fun!