Friday, June 8, 2012

Field Trip Fun - Splash Pad

This week's field trip was a pretty laid back one. First lunch, then some time at a splash pad. Up first - lunch. I found this place - The Pop On Over Cafe - through some reviews online. It ended up being a bit further away than I was thinking it was, but it was totally worth it. Finally a winner!!

Not just a winner, but I can tell you that we will definitely be back here! I ordered a slice of pizza for each of the kids (New York style, sold by the slice). Really, the pizza was just ok. Easton ate his whole piece, but I had to keep coaxing Abbi to eat hers.

I ordered some mac and cheese for the kids, too, but didn't expect it to be so huge!!  It was really hot, too hot for the kids, but I took a bite.  And just about died.  Seriously.  The BEST mac and cheese that I have ever eaten.  There were crumbled cheese Pringles on top (I think) and it was ooey and gooey and pure heaven.  SO good.

For myself, I ordered a brisket popover sandwich and it was seriously delicious, too.  I would have never thought to do a sandwich in a popover, but it's a brilliant idea!  There was no way I could finish all the food, and I didn't want to leave it in the car because it was hot outside, so I drove home and dropped it off for Josh.  A little while later, I got a text from him saying that the mac and cheese was one of the best things he had ever put in his mouth!

Then we headed over to Herriman to play in the splash pad.  Abbi had an absolute blast.  Easton is a little shy when it comes to the water, and he didn't want to get wet, but he had fun playing in the grass and going up to the border of the water.

We had so much fun that it wore each of them right out.  But it was a great day!!

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