Thursday, June 21, 2012

Field Trip Fun - Sweet's Candy

Today's field trip, although fun, did not turn out exactly like we had planned!! 

We had reservations to do a tour of the Sweet's Candy factory with Tami, Amy, Janell, and Kacy, and since we usually do lunch anyway we decided to get together for lunch before the tour.  What we didn't plan for -which we should have - was that the service would be so incredibly slow and that we wouldn't have time to eat and make it over for our tour appointments.

We all met up at Winger's (minus Tami).  We waited forever for food, and our food only was just coming when we should have all been leaving to make it to the factory on time.  Abbi, Easton and I ate very quickly and rushed over, hoping that Tamil and her fam would be there and we could all take the first tour.

Well, Tami was planning on hitting the second appointment, so we were the only ones there.  We decided to just go by ourselves - no use in not going because I knew that we couldn't all go on the second tour!  It was fun, and interesting, (and no pictures because cameras weren't allowed), but I think my kids would have liked it better if they were a little older.  (Well, Abbi kept saying she was ready to leave, but when we got home that night, she played "candy factory" all day, so I think she actually did like it.)

After the tour, we of course had to pick up some candy at the store.  I love salt water taffy and can't resist it, even though it always give me a stomach ache.  But I couldn't help but pick up some of their fun flavors!!

Unfortunately, not everyone got to go on the tours.  Tami's family waited to see if they could get in on a different tour, but it didn't work out.  But I think that they made an appointment for another day.  We'll know better next time!!

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