Thursday, June 28, 2012

Field Trip Fun - Park & Library Day

I should have known.  When you are almost 21 weeks pregnant, and when the temperature outside is 100F, it's probably not the best idea to do something outside...

Our field trip started off with a picnic.  I had read about a place to eat online called  Village Baker.  I had told Abbi that we would pick up some food and then have a picnic (since that's all that she has wanted to do).  Luckily, we had planned a picnic because this restaurant had no sit down areas - it was only take out.  We got our food and headed over the the Veteran's Memorial park that we have been wanting to explore.

Each of the kids had a piece of pizza that they devoured.  It was pretty good, and the kids both liked it.  I got a chicken salad sandwich, and although the chicken salad was good, the bread was really good.   I would go back just for that bread!!

The kids wanted to run and play.  And I would have been happy to just sit there in the shade and let them run!

But Abbi wanted to play at the playground, so we headed over.

And it was hot.  So hot, in fact, that I probably only lasted 10 minutes before I was ready to leave the playground.  

Plus, Easton just wanted to throw wood chips on his head. Typical boy!

The new West Jordan library is right next door to the park, so we headed inside to cool off and to read some books.  We made it through a couple of books, but Abbi and Easton were both too interested in just pulling more and more books off of the shelf to add to our pile. 

We ended up just checking out some books to take home because the heat from outside really did us in.  (You can totally tell how flushed Abbi's cheeks are!!)  We'll know better next time - and go back to the park in the fall when the temps are in the 70s!!


Mindy Kleman said...

LOVE Village Baker! I'm glad you found it! My favorite is the chicken salad on Honey White (I think it's still made with whole grains if I remember right).
Your kids are growing so fast!

Michelle said...

you're such a good mom. I hope the food was good, Mike worked at Village Baker when he was a teenager. :)