Tuesday, July 28, 2009

6 Months

Really, I could say the same thing every month - "I can't believe it's already been {enter number here} months already!" 6 months? Are you serious?? My baby girl is growing up so fast!

Taking her picture this time around was not the easiest thing. We had been getting ready for vacation for a few days, running errands and such, and she was a bit off schedule. I had the hardest time getting smiles out of her, when she is normally such a smiley baby. I ended up taking her outside where she could watch Max run around, and managed to get a few smiles out of her that way!

At 6 months, Abbi:

  • is definitely showing her personality. She has about 100 different faces, and I get a kick out of all of them!
  • is sitting like a pro. For those of you wondering how she is sitting so well, I really think it's because she spends a lot of time at home in her high chair. She likes to see what is going on, so I found that putting her in the high chair while I'm making dinner or cleaning is what she really likes.
  • LOVES Max. She has always liked watching him, but now she is not afraid to get up and pet him. I have to keep an eye on the two of them, because she likes to grab his tail and he's not so fond of that, but I really think he loves her just as much as she loves him. He's always pushing his toys up to her to get her to play with him.

    • still loves being on her belly more than anything else. Ever since she learned to roll over, she's definitely preferred her belly to her back.
    • is still not sleeping through the night. :( The doctor said she is just in the habit of getting up that one time every night, and I just need to break the habit. I just hate hearing her cry, but I guess a couple nights of crying is better than loosing that sleep every night!
    • has slowed down in her growth. Her 6 month weight is 17 lbs. 2 ounces. Just about 1 pound heavier than at 4 months. Only one pound in 2 months is not very much for her!
    • But she is still our little chubbers. I get comments everywhere I go about her chubby arms, legs and cheeks.

    • has the craziest hair. The hair in front is long enough to lay down, but the hair in the middle just sticks straight up, no matter what I do.
    • has the sharpest fingernails. I cut them almost every day, but she still almost always has a scratch or two on her face.
    • loves to grab at people - especially my face - so I usually have a scratch or two on my face as well! Her favorite thing to do while eating is grab at my face, and usually ends up with what I call the fish hook on my lip.
    • knows and loves her mom and dad. She will pretty much let anyone hold her now, but only if her mom or dad are in sight!
    • has been army crawling like crazy the whole past month. I'm pretty sure she's just days away from crawling, because she gets up on her knees and can take a crawl or two before going back down to her belly and scootching. She is all over the place, and I have to keep an eye on her!
    • she loves to copy the noises you make. She is good at clicking her tongue, coughing, laughing, and smiling!
    • still doesn't have any teeth, although over the past few months, I thought there were several times that she was teething. But the doctor said he doesn't see any coming in, and I learned that her daddy didn't get any until almost a year, so I think it will be a while.

    • still hasn't had any solid food. I wanted to wait until the 6 month mark, so she will be getting her first tastes after vacation! I know she is excited, because every time we eat something, she will sit and look at it like she is jealous!
    • is super curious. If she sees something new, she will sit and look and stare, trying to figure it out. And if it is close, she will grab at it.

    • is still obsessed with her feet. Actually, she just loves to put EVERYTHING in her mouth. Another reason I have to keep a close eye on her!
    • loves to make noises. She is an expert at blowing raspberries, and loves to cough to get attention. She doesn't really make any consonant sounds yet, but loves the sound of her voice.
    • had a babysitter for the second time in her life. My parents watched her while we went to the temple, and she was a good girl. Wow - we really don't get out much if this was only the second time in 6 months!
    • loves to look at herself in the mirror. If she is ever getting cranky, I can usually put her in front of a mirror and it will bring out a smile!

    I still think she is the cutest girl in the world and I fall more in love with her every day. I can't believe how much happiness she has brought into our lives!


Michelle said...

once again - gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous. great pictures.

Michelle said...

hey, maybe when i'm in town at christmas, you can take some pics of my kids!

Cassie said...

What a beautiful girl. I too can't believe she's 6 months old already! I love love LOVE those chunky thighs!

Ryley said...

i love how many things her and Miles have in common. When he nurses he always is putting his hands in my mouth and hooking me! And I always have scratches on my face from him too!
Aren't they so much fun??
And sorry.. but I gotta agree with the doc on this one. I think she is just getting up to see you at night! I bet she doesnt need to! :) but i also understand how hard it is to listen to them cry. We didnt have much of a choice since we both work and had to have our sleep. I probably wouldnt have done it other wise! :)
Gosh they get too big too fast... :(