Monday, August 6, 2012

Field Trip Fun - Tracy Aviary

Field trip time!!  My sisters and I had been talking about going to Tracy Aviary, and today was the day!  We had originally planned on meeting for lunch, but the place we chose didn't have any seating.  So we all did our own thing and then were supposed to meet up at the aviary.

We were a little bit earlier than everyone else, so we walked around the park and tried to take some pictures.  Obviously, Abbi didn't really want to take any!

We finally went over and bought our tickets while we waited for everyone else.  They all arrived, and we had fun going through to see all the different birds.

Kacy was a trooper.  She had been on and off of bed rest, so she played it smart safe and rode around in a wheel chair.

It was probably 100 degrees that day, and I'll admit - kind of miserable.  Even the non-pregnant people were miserable, so we cut our visit a little short and decided that we'll come back in the fall or spring!!

Since it was so hot, we headed to the park next door for the kids to play in the water.  Abbi just loved it!!  Even Easton loved getting wet.

I promised Abbi ice cream, so we stopped on our way out at the snack bar and she enjoyed her ice cream cone - although I think most of it ended up all over her!

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