Monday, May 27, 2013

Memorial Day 2013

It's the unofficial start of summer!!

Going into the holiday weekend, we didn't really have any plans, but it still ended up great.

On Memorial Day, we started the day off by going to the gym.  I haven't had a gym pass since Abbi was born, but it's been too hard to workout at home with the 3 kids.  I finally got frustrated and signed up for a membership - complete with daycare.  And since Josh was off, we all went to the gym.

After we finished, we decided to stop at the grocery store for a few things since it was on the way home.  When we were in line to check out, Josh said that he didn't bring his wallet.  I had him run out to the car for the diaper bag, thinking that my wallet was in there.  The checker was super nice to wait, and the people behind us were super nice, too.

When he ran back inside, I realized my wallet was in my camera bag at home, not in the diaper bag.  I apologized to the checker, and she said she'd just suspend it and we could come back for it.  But the lady behind us jumped in and said that she would just pay for our groceries. 

All $38 worth of groceries.

I tried to stop her, telling her that was way too much.  But she insisted and just told us to pay it forward.  I was seriously in disbelief.  I have never had that happen before, and I will probably never forget it.

There still is good all around us!!

That evening, we headed up Diamond Fork Canyon for a little weenie roast with Tami, Charlie and Janell and their families.  It was good to be up in the mountains.  I don't know why we don't take advantage of it more often.

Abbi and Easton loved playing with their cousins, and Camden was as good as ever.

The hot dogs were delicious, as well.  I love a good hot dog cooked over an open fire!!

We left after dinner since Josh had to work in the morning and I still had work to do, but it sure was fun.  I'm going to make it a goal to do it more this summer!

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