Tuesday, November 13, 2007


Josh and I celebrated our 2nd anniversary last Sunday. And nope - I don't have a single picture to prove it!!! We did celebrate, though!

We decided last minute to go up to Park City on Saturday night. Part of our (short) honeymoon was spent in Park City, and we went to Sunday brunch at a restaurant there on Main Street called Cisero's. Well, ever since, Josh constantly talks about the eggs benedict we had there. So we decided to re-live our honeymoon by spending a night in Park City and eating brunch at Cisero's. We stayed at a place called Silver King Hotel. It is like a hotel, but each unit is individually owned. I read some reviews online, and found out that some of the owners keep there units updated, while some are not so nice. So the day before we went, I called and requested an updated unit. They did not disappoint!! It was a very nice room with a full kitchen, huge jacuzzi tub and vaulted ceilings. We are lucky enough to have our anniversary the weekend before winter pricing starts, so the room was less than $100. Way better than the Marriott or the Yarrow. We ordered in for dinner because Josh wasn't feeling well, and then got up in the morning and went for brunch. It was exactly as we had remembered it. It's funny, though - you would think that the menu would change at least a little in 2 years, but I think everything was exactly the same. Not that I'm complaining - we still stuffed ourselves!! After eating ourselves silly, we went back to the room, requested a late checkout, and I fell asleep for over 2 hours!! Luckily I woke up, because we had to be out of our room and Josh hadn't looked at the clock. We stopped at the outlets for a bit, but it was raining and not the best shopping weather, so we headed home.

We will be going to Vegas in less than a month now, so that's the trip I am really looking forward to. It will only be 3 days long, but I get to see Celine Dion!!

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Happy Anniversary too late haha. (I usually just read your other blog)