Monday, March 16, 2009

Abby or Abi?

OK, I need some advice. And I realize this probably should have been decided weeks ago since my daughter is already almost 7 weeks old, but then again, we didn't even have her middle name chosen until she was almost a week old!

So we are debating on the spelling of her nickname - Abby or Abi. Before she was born, Josh was spelling it Abi, but I have always spelled it Abby. My mother in law also spelled it Abi in a text message the other day, and it got me thinking. Since Abi is the beggining of her name - Abigail - and since Abigail is a pretty popular name and 98% of them spell it Abby, maybe we should spell it Abi. What do you think?

In other news, usually Abi (Abby??) wakes up every 3 to 4 hours at night to eat, but falls right back asleep after eating - actually she usually falls asleep during eating! But last night, I fell asleep holding her in the Lazy Boy at about 10:30, and neither of us woke up until about 4am!! I guess we were both exhausted - that's the longest she's ever slept without eating. I had leaked all over (sorry - TMI) but we both woke up so refreshed!

I think we'll go with Abbi - what do you think of that?


Michelle said...

When I see "Abi" - my mind doesn't think to pronounce it the same way as "Abby". It makes me think of using a long I sound. Do you know what I mean? or am I just a weirdo? I would go w/ Abby, but it's obviously totally up to you and Josh. Nice job on the sleeping for so long! I'm sure she slept that long since she was in your arms! she is so freakin' cute!

Cassie said...

What a huge smile! She's such a cutie. And yay for lots of sleep! That's awesome.

What about Abbi? I sort of agree with what Michelle said about my mind not going to directly to "Abby" when I see it spelled "Abi." But with 2 B's, it does. That girl's just precious, no matter how her name is spelled!

Ryley said...

I like Abbi.. Do you like that?
Although some friends of mine have dogs names Abi and Eli (but Eli is Ellie).

I'm so glad you guys got a good night of sleep! That must have been so nice! Now you've gotta get her to do that in her bed! :) You'll get there.. I promise. I know it doesnt seem like it.. but you will!

dont you absolutely hate leaking all over??? It's one of my biggest pet peeves.. Especially when he's eating on one side and the other side is leaking all over.. or when we sleep all night and I wake up soaking! I'm just glad it doesnt smell like real milk would if you spilled it all over!

I'm glad things are getting better.. the best part is that it just keeps getting better! :)

Ryley said...

I think Abbi will be great! :)

She'll love it...

Abby said...

I'm partial to Abby - I'm a traditional kind of girl and not very creative with spelling (perhaps that's the editor coming out in me and okay, maybe I'm kind of partial to it for personal reasons!)

But I think that whatever makes you happy is what you should go with. No regrets!