Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Book #22 - Physik

Angie Sage

Blurb: Silas has only himself to blame for sparking the plot of the third Septimus Heap installment. Unsealing a long-forgotten room in the palace, he accidentally unleashes the formerly inert spirit of malevolent old Queen Etheldredda. Five hundred years of downtime have not mellowed the scheming monarch; in fact, she's now eager to enact a devilish plan to make herself immortal and omnipotent. To neutralize her, Septimus and his allies must go into corrective overdrive.(From Goodreads)

Opening Sentence: "Silas Heap and Gringe, the North Gatekeeper, are in a dark and dusty corner of the Palace attic."

Length: Long - 544 pages

Notes:What can I say?  I just really like this series!!  They are an entertaining, easy read and I look forward to each book.  And I just saw that a 6th book was released this year!!  The books are quite long, but they go by pretty quickly.  This one was full of adventure, and I really liked the new characters introduced.  This is the first book where there was something left unresolved, so I'll definitely be reading the next book to see what happens!

Random quote: "Septimus was suddenly horribly afraid that the Antidote would not work. He glanced nervously at Marcia, who whispered, "It will work, Septimus. You must believe in it." Physik isn't like Magyk," said Septimus unhappily. "It doesn't matter whether you expect it to work or not. Either it does or it doesn't." "I doubt that very much," said Marcia. "A little belief in something always helps."

Recommend: yes

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Aubrey Doyle said...

I read the first book of this series and found it very boring. It had been highly recommended, but I spent 3 LONG weeks trying to read it before I gave up. Did you like the first book? Do they get better?

(This is Aubrey, Janell's sister-in-law. I love all your book reviews and have read several of your recommendations! Thanks!)

Deborah said...

Aubrey - if you didn't like the first one, you probably won't like any of them. From reading reviews, it seems like people either love them or hate them. I don't know what it is about them that I find so entertaining! :) But if you couldn't get through the first one, I wouldn't recommend continuing on...