Friday, March 9, 2012

Birthday Time! {Easton's Birthday Part 2}

After the zoo, we headed home for naps.  That night, we had pizza for dinner, (Easton loved it!), and of course, cake for the birthday boy.  I'm so embarrassed - I actually made him a cake, but it was such a total flop that I had Josh go to the grocery store to buy a cake so Easton would at least be able to dig into a piece of cake.  I didn't even take a picture of my cake - it was sooo bad!

After dinner and cake, Easton got to open his gifts. Actually, Abbi got to open Easton's gifts! She was gung ho, and didn't really let him help much. But since he didn't really know any better, we just went with it. He got spoiled with a gift from mom and dad (a drum), a gift from Abbi (a talking Grover phone), and all kinds of fun stuff from nanas and gump gump (clothes, a golf set, and a baseball set).

What a fun day.

Happy Birthday Easton!! 

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