Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Abbi Randoms - October 2012

10/5 - when walking outside to discover a pumpkin on the porch, she said excitedly: "Mommy, where did this pumpkin come from?  Did the Halloween ghost bring it for us?"  Then in the car, she kept talking about the pumpkin.  "Maybe it was from the Halloween bunny.  Or the Halloween witch.  Yeah, but I think she is a good witch!"

10/11 - Abbi - Your plate is empty, mom
            Me - Yep, I ate all of my dinner
            Abbi - ohhh, bless your heart!

(I asked her where she learned that - I guess it's in the Little Red Riding Hood book that we read.  I didn't even notice it!)

10/14 - Me - Abbi, will you put this away?
             Josh - Are you listening, Abbi?
             Abbi - Sorry, I can't hear you!

10/20 - Me - We have to go home to make soup for the party.
            Abbi - but what about cookies?  We can't have a party without dessert!

10/25 - Abbi - What do pandas eat?
            Me - I think they eat leaves.
             Abbi - no they don't.
            Me - Then what do they eat?
             Abbi - They eat bamboo!
 (I guess my 3-year old is smarter than I am!!)

October 8 - Poor girl hadn't been feeling the best, but her eyes started getting really puffy. After a few days of this, it was off to the doctor. The doctor didn't really know why they got so puffy, but luckily after a few days, it went away.

October 11 - loving the Halloween advent calendar!

October 15 - patiently waiting for cookies

October 18 - beautiful little girl!

October 19 - Playing with daddy's golf club

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