Friday, October 5, 2012

Alpine Loop and Sundance

I started a new section on my other blog that is more travel related.  Kind of a mix between travel, exploring your own backyard, where food comes from, etc.  I'm going to keep most of it over there, but this is what I really love to do.  Sure, I love to cook, photograph and write about food, but I get excited about (trying to) take beautiful photographs and documenting the world around me. 

So from time to time, I'll do a double post, since this one is for me, while the other is to share with the world.  :)

It had been forever since I had driven the Alpine Loop, so I took the kids up one afternoon. They weren't so thrilled about me stopping every 2 minutes to get out and take pictures, but I had fun!  And it really is gorgeous.  We also stopped off at Sundance to walk around and to get a treat.  The kids did like that part!

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