Thursday, November 22, 2012

Thanksgiving 2012

Well, this was a Thanksgiving I won't forget!!

Everything was going well.  The morning was a little hectic - trying to get everything made and the kids and myself ready.

We all hopped into the car to head up to the Harroun's.  We got on the freeway, and shortly after, the dashboard on the car lit up and the car died.  Josh maneuvered to the side of the freeway, confused as to what was going on.  Every time he would start the car and try to drive, it would overheat and turn off. 

We eventually made it to the next exit, and to a gas station.  Josh bought coolant to put in, and Camden was screaming so I fed him while the car cooled down.  But sure enough, when we left to try to get the car home, it overheated again.

It ended up taking us quite awhile to get back home, driving for about a minute at a time before the car would die.  We eventually made it back home, but totally missed out on Thanksgiving with both of our families.  Thanksgiving lunch ended up Twizzlers, eaten in the car.

At least the day ended up with some leftovers that my mom brought home and cuddles with my kids.  What a day to remember!

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