Saturday, March 30, 2013

Coloring the Eggs

After the egg hunt, we headed back home to color Easter eggs.  The kids were super excited!!

Both kids wanted to just start putting eggs in the colors and didn't want to wait for help from mom or dad.  I think we only had one or two cracked eggs! ;)

And how I love this boy.  He was just as happy as can be to sit and watch everything going on!!

Our Easter egg coloring soon turned into "let's see how many colors we can get onto each egg."  It did make for some interesting looking eggs, though!!

The whole time, Abbi kept asking when she could put stickers on the eggs, and I told her that she had to wait until they were dry.  So they were excited later that afternoon when I got the eggs back out so that they could draw on them and put stickers on them.  (Ignore that Easton has no clothes on and that Abbi had changed clothes and has stickers stuck in her hair. :) )

It's always a highlight for the kids to color eggs, and they had fun again this year!!

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