Saturday, March 30, 2013

Easter Egg Hunt

I love that the kids are getting older and that we can participate in more things.  My mom told me that Spanish Fork has an Easter Egg hunt for the kids, and we were all excited to go!

It was at the baseball parks, so we all walked over, the kids with their Easter baskets in tow.

And Camden just enjoyed riding along in the stroller. :)

When we got over there, we discovered that they had different age groups on different fields.  So I went with Abbi and Josh took Easton.  (So no pictures of Easton finding eggs, although I couldn't really get any of Abbi, either!!  I don't know what families with only one parent do!)

It was a bit chaotic, but when the buzzer went off, Abbi took off running.  I lost her for a minute because they told the parents not to go onto the field, but then parents started swarming the field and I was stuck behind a bunch of people with the stroller.

But Abbi found some eggs, and also found some of her cousins!!

We opened up the eggs and scored a few good things - 2 coupons for free birthday parties, some free fries, and Abbi was excited that she won a candy bar.  It was over quickly, but the kids loved it!!

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