Friday, December 11, 2015

At a Glance {12/11/15}

Pizza date!!

Earlier this week, Max started acting like something was wrong - I was afraid it was his back, and he was scaring me, so I ended up taking him to the vet.  They couldn't find anything, and gave him some medicine that would help if his back was hurting.  A few days later, he was still pretty bad, so I ended up taking him back in for xrays.  They still couldn't find anything definitive, but they had to put him under to do the xrays.  We had planned on going to the lights at temple square, but didn't want to leave Max at home alone after being under, so we decided to wait until next week.  Instead, I took the kids out for pizza.  We tried a new place down the street from us and had a good time!!

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