Monday, February 11, 2008

Max's Second Birthday

It seems like just yesterday that I was posting about Max's first birthday. Granted, it's not too many posts back - because I am so bad about keeping up on this blog!

We didn't do anything special for Max's birthday, but I did make him some pup-cakes. He gobbled it down and wanted more!! The recipe can be found on my food blog.

We sang "Happy Birthday" to him, and he couldn't help but sing along. I sure do love this pup!! I'm a little embarrassed to put this on because my singing voice is not the best, but Max steals the show anyway!

I took the video on my camera, so at the end it has me trying to snap some pictures as well - if you are wondering why it is clicking and freezing!


ryles said...

My dog watched that video like 6 times.. he was doing that cute little head tilt thing..and had to jump up in my lap so he could get a closer view..

Then he started to get all excited and like my face all over.. i think he really wants to come play..

Mainly because your baby looks a little like one of his toys!! :)

Kacy said...

How funny! I love that he is joining in at his own party! Too cute....

Brian & Michelle said...

Deborah! This is awesome...I just found all the Mitchell sisters. This is crazy! I haven't seen you guys forever. Thank you Blogger! LOL

It's been fun to read and catch up with your life. Come by and check out my blog! Hope to hear more from you!

Brian Sherman

White on Rice Couple said...

I love this video!! Max is so cute and talented! I'll have to show Dante & Sierra this. They will love it! They're very happy to have Max as a friend!

Nicole said...

Your dog is adorable! My dog just turned 2 this year too.