Friday, October 30, 2009

Pumpkin Patch

It's so funny, because even though Abbi is only 9 months and I know she won't remember any of this when she gets older, I was so excited for pumpkin shopping this year. It's just something that is not as fun when you don't have kids. And even though she might not be able to remember it, at least she'll have pictures of her first pumpkin patch!!

We originally went over to a "real" local pumpkin patch, where you can go and pick your own pumpkins off the vine and everything. But after realizing that you had to pay to get in plus for the pumpkin, we decided to go somewhere else. (They had all sorts of activities and things to do, so it made sense, but since Abbi is only 9 months old, we didn't really think she needed all the other activities! Maybe once she's a couple years older.)

We went just up the street to a little pumpkin patch. There were still lots of pumpkins to choose from! We had fun going around and picking out a pumpkin for each of us, and taking lots of pictures along the way.

And this is going to have to count for my "Mommy & Me" photo for October. I haven't been doing so well at that lately.
We had a fun time, and I think Abbi did too!


Cassie said...

Great pictures! Abbi's hat is so adorable...and so is yours!

Katrina said...

Wonderful photos, and yes, someday she'll love looking at all these!

Abby said...

Cute! Good to see Josh is up and around, too. He looks like he feels pretty good!