Sunday, November 1, 2009

Happy Halloween!

I was SO excited for Halloween this year - just for Abbi! I am extremely privileged to have a wonderful mother-in-law who sews beautiful things. Months before Halloween, Josh and I had already discussed what we wanted to dress Abbi up as for the holiday. Ever since she was born, we have nicknamed her "The Bug", so obviously, we wanted her to be a ladybug. We told my mother-in-law, and she really came through for us!! We had both looked online for some ideas, and both loved the idea of one that we saw with a tutu. But my MIL came up with the rest of the costume herself, and I couldn't have pictured a better costume. And surprisingly, the only thing Abbi tried to pull off was the hat!

We started off the day by going over to Josh's sister's house for lunch and for Abbi to get dressed up to show Josh's mom that all her hard work really paid off. We stuffed ourselves with tacos and Abbi had a wonderful time playing with her aunt and her cousin.

That night, we went down to my parent's house to show off her costume. I wasn't really planning on actually trick-or-treating because Abbi doesn't even eat candy, but we wanted to show people her costume because she was so stinkin' cute! One of my sisters - Janell - showed up with her husband and kids so we went with them around the cul-de-sac by my parent's house. We also saw my brother's wife and their kids as they came back from trick-or-treating. Then before heading home, we stopped by to visit my dad and brother, who unfortunately missed out on all the fun of the night because they had a deadline coming quickly for tile in my brother's new house.

(I tried to take a picture of the wings because they were amazing, but Abbi wasn't really cooperating!)

It was such a fun day - I can't wait until she is old enough to actually say "trick-or-treat!"


Michelle said...

the cutest bug i have ever seen!

Cassie said...

She looks so adorable! That costume is awesome. I've said it before: every single holiday is so much more fun with a little one around!

Stephanie said...

That is the most adorable lady bug costume I have ever seen! Holy cow......errr bug........

I must say.....your little one is also VERY adorable!

Katrina said...

You are killin' me with photos of this girl! (I have 4 boys, you know.) Darn tootin' cutest baby and the costume--your MIL should make and sell them!

Jenny May McKim said...

SOOOOOO cute the outfit is.. She has the best little mouth..

I did not dress the girls up this year.. it was cold out and we were not going anywhere.. I know.. I am terrible.. Next year for sure!!