Friday, November 27, 2009

A Week of Thanks - Day 5

#21 - The Seasons

Although I think that Utah's winter is WAY too long, I am really grateful to live somewhere where I get to experience all 4 seasons. I love the winter and the chance to sit in front of the fireplace while the snow falls outside. I love the spring and when the trees start to blossom and the tulips poke their way out of the ground. I love the summer nights when it stays light late and when you can sit in the backyard and enjoy the sunset. I love the fall and the sound of the leaves crunching beneath your feet and the smell of jack-o-lanterns. How wonderful to be able to experience all of these!

#22 - Laughter

Abbi at about 7 months

I've always loved laughter, but never so much since Abbi came into my life. Her laughter is so infectious - it will brighten anyone's day!

#23 - Health

This has been a rough year with Josh's knee replacement, but what a blessing to have the modern medicine to be able to even fix his knee! I'm grateful for what the future brings and that he will be able to be close to pain free one day and that he will be able to function again. I'm grateful for a healthy daughter that came into this world easily.

#24 - Holidays

I love every holiday! But the Thanksgiving/Christmas season is so much fun, and you just can't help but get excited when this time of year rolls around. I especially love that during the holidays, I get to spend time with my family. Whether it's hunting Easter eggs or eating Thanksgiving pie, holidays are always better spent with family!

#25 - All the Little Things

There are a lot of things that fall into this category. The things that we take for granted on a daily basis - like transportation, indoor plumbing, fresh water to drink. If you think about it, we really are blessed by so many things around us!!

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Abby said...

First, I have those same stars on my tree! But in red and gold.

Second, I wish we lived closer because I think we'd be great friends. We have so much in common! I've "met" some of the nicest people online through blogs!