Monday, November 23, 2009

A Week of Thanks - Day 1

Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays. I love the food, but I especially love the opportunity we have to really reflect on what we are thankful for. And whether times are good or times are bad, I know that I can always find so many ways to count my blessings.

I had intended to post something everyday this month that I am thankful for, but seeing that the month is already almost over, and Thanksgiving day is almost upon us, I'll do a crash course this week, and post 5 things each day that I am thankful for. Some of them will be big, and some of them will be small. Because there are so many things to be thankful for!

We'll start with the big ones:

#1 - My Husband

Josh & I on our wedding day just over 4 years ago

We celebrated our 4th anniversary just a couple of weeks ago. I feel so blessed to have him in my life. He tells me that he loves me multiple times a day, and I never realized how important that is in a relationship. In 4 short years, we have been through better and worse, richer or poorer, sickness and health - and we are still standing strong. I am so blessed to have this man in my life!

#2 - My Daughter

Abbi at about 7 months

Oh, how this little girl has changed our lives! I was laying on the floor tonight playing with her, and she was crawling all over me, laughing the whole time. I often find myself wondering how I lived before that laugh. Even on her worst days, I can still look down and her and my heart is filled with joy and love. She can always make me smile and gives meaning to my every day. I cannot imagine my life without her in it.

#3 - My Dog

Max when he was just a puppy

Ok, if you are not a dog person, this might not make sense. And 5 years ago, I might have made fun of someone who listed their dog as one of the things they are grateful for. But this little guy was our first child, and he will always be special to me. I love how excited he gets when you get home, even if you've only been gone for 10 minutes. I love how he loves to cuddle and how he keeps me warm in the winter. I love how he loves unconditionally. And I love how I can see him and Abbi becoming such good friends. I can tell there are lots of happy days with the two of them together in the future!

#4 - My Family

me & my sisters on my wedding day

I have the best family. They have stood by me through thick and thin, and have loved me and supported me even when I made decisions that they didn't agree with. My sisters are my best friends, are always there to give me advice, and are so much fun to be around. Every member of my family is such a good example to me, and I strive to be like them. And I've also been blessed with such great in-laws. They have always been there for us and have done so many things for us that I can't even count. I am a lucky girl!

#5 - A Passion

My beautiful niece Sydney - taken at a recent photo shoot

This might be a silly thing to add to the list, but until the last few years, I never really realized how important it is to have something that you are really passionate about. I have found that passion in photography. It is something that makes me excited, and brings something out in me. It is my escape, my way to keep myself sane. And I'm so grateful for those around me that have been so supportive.

I'll be back with 5 more tomorrow!!


Michelle said...

love it!

Cassie said...

So sweet! I love this idea!

Abby said...

Such a sweet post. Made me tear up a bit!

Katrina said...

Such a great thing to do! Thanks for my own reminders.