Monday, June 6, 2011

Goodman Family Reunion 2011

First off - I totally failed at the 30 day photo fun challenge.  I guess there is just way too much going on this month - life just got in the way!!

But this past weekend, we had our annual Goodman Family Reunion.  We went up to Heber Valley Camp again, which is always a good time!  We were in a different camp this year.  It was kind of crazy - because the weather has been so crazy this year, I guess there was snow there until the week before our reunion.  It was pretty cold, but luckily the cabin was nice and warm.  And it was a plus that the pavilion we had this year was enclosed, so we didn't have to really worry about the cold at all!

Here's an overview of the festivities!

Of course, the first thing Abbi discovers are the rocks!!

Shortly after arriving, we headed over to the pavililion, where Abbi found a balloon that provided lots of entertainment.

Then Abbi got to play a game of "Go Fish" with great-grandma and my cousin's husband.

That night, there was dinner, a family meeting and s'mores around the fire.  We missed out on the s'mores because it was too cold outside for Easton - we are definitely going to have to go camping soon so we can have some s'mores!!

Later that night, Abbi was so excited to stay up late to play with her cousins, and then to sleep in her own bunk.  Abbi has only spent a handful of nights away from home, and she woke up several times through the night.  She would cry out, I think because she would wake up and didn't know where she was.  I started the night out on a bunk, but it was so incredibly uncomfortable that I ended up moving to the floor.  Josh said he didn't sleep much that night, either.  Luckily, Easton slept like a champ - probably because he had his bed there that he sleeps on at home!

Day 2 - Abbi headed out on a little hike with daddy down to the pond.

She was so entertained, just throwing rocks into the pond.  I went down for a little bit while my mom was watching Easton and got to see Abbi and her daddy playing together.

The view was gorgeous!!

Back up at the pavilion, there were some great crafts.

My cousin and her husband supplied all of the supplies for our crafts.  There were some fun 4th of July signs for the adults to paint.

Easton was such a good boy - just hanging out!!

And there were fun wood crafts for the kids, too.

There were calendars and flower pots that the kids could assemble and paint.

Throughout the whole reunion, they would draw names and if your name was drawn, you would get a prize.  Abbi won this water gun and had lots of fun with it.

Josh was soaked after awhile, but Abbi had tons of fun!

After lunch, we packed up to head home. I just had to pull out my camera on the way home and snap a picture of the back of Timp. I love how gorgeous and green everything is in the Spring!

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