Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Field Trip Fun - Bridal Veil Falls

It's time for another field trip!!  Janell and I had both bought Groupons to The Awful Waffle, so we decided to make it a day and have lunch then head up the canyon to Bridal Veil Falls.

Unfortunately, it was another strike out for new restaurants. The first strike was that there is basically no parking.  This place is definitely made for students just walking there, because there was one parking spot taken by what I'm assuming was the 1 employee working, I had another, and we had to move tables out of the way to make room for Janell to park.  And if you know how parking is down by BYU, you know that there is basically no parking anywhere. 

We were already turned off, but then we saw the sign that said that the Groupons, (which were basically 2 for 1) were only for dessert crepes, and not savory, and not waffles.  We each had a Groupon, so that was 4 desserts between our 2 little families.  And then we had to buy lunch separate.  I was super frustrated that they didn't say that on the Groupon, or when you bought the Groupon, otherwise I would have never bought it.

We each got an order of frites, plus a bbq pork (I think??) crepe.  The frites were good, but not what I think of as authentic frites from Belgium.  The crepe was ok after the first bite, but a couple of bites in, I didn't like it.  It was way too sweet.  The kids would only eat the crepe - not the filling.  But at least they liked the frites!

And honestly, I can't even remember what flavor of crepes I got.  I think this was banana and cookie butter (aka Biscoff), or maybe it was caramel.  I can't even remember.  They were ok, but we didn't even finish both of them.  Strike out, but at least that's one restaurant on my list I can check out!!

After lunch, we headed up to Bridal Veil falls.  It had been awhile since I had been there - it's so beautiful!!

We parked at the south end and took the trail up.  I know Abbi just enjoyed being outside!  (and spending time with her cousins.  I love watching her play with Asher!)

We got up to the falls, and I quickly learned that we should have brough flip flops and swimming suits.  The kids got soaked, but they had fun.  So that's what matters, right??

It was a fun day, and both of the kids were worn out when we were finished!

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