Thursday, May 3, 2012

Field Trip Fun - South Towne Mall

Ok, when I started this weekly field trip idea, I said that it didn't have to be anything crazy or an exotic location.  And this week's field trip was neither.  Yep, we went to the mall.  See, I had to find something to wear for a tv appearance the next day, and the week was so busy.  So I decided to combine it all into one activity - a day at the mall = fun times for my kids, right?

First up, I was starving, so we needed food.  Abbi said she wasn't hungry, and going to anywhere sit down with the two of them and just me just doesn't happen.  So all we had was the food court.

I tried to pick something that I would like and that the kids would eat, and I ended up choosing Panda Express.  I'll admit - there are times that I totally crave that orange chicken, so I thought it would be a good choice.

Well, we sat down to eat and neither of the kids would even touch it.  And I didn't even really like it.  Which was a good thing and a bad thing.  Good, because I don't think I'll be craving it anytime soon, and bad, becaues I was sad that something that I normally think is good was not good at all.

I'm really striking out on this whole "field-trip-going-out-to-eat-somewhere-new-and-exciting" thing.  I have yet to really enjoy my lunch on one of these field trip days!!

Abbi was really bummed because we couldn't ride the carousel in the mall, because I couldn't hold Easton while on it, and she had to have an adult with her.  But I promised her that she could ride on the train, which made her excited.

We did a little shopping, (and I must not be a real girl, because I really do not enjoy shopping!), when Abbi started screaming that her shoe hurt.  I picked her up and readjusted her shoe, thinking that it was pinching her.  She stopped crying, and we continued on our way.  In the next store, she started running, then started screaming again.  This time, when I picked her up, I noticed some blood on her heel.  I took her shoe off, and noticed a HUGE tack in the bottom of her shoe that was poking up into her foot.  Poor girl.  The tack came out, and she didn't complain anymore after that.

Then we headed down to the train.  It was a total rip off, but both of the kids totally loved it.  So much, in fact, that Abbi did not stop talking about it the rest of the day.

After the train was a stop off in the play area.  Both of the kids loved it, although Easton loved trying to run out into the mall more than he liked playing.  So once I got tired of chasing after Easton, we headed out.

It's funny, because it really wasn't any crazy fun location, but all night, Abbi kept asking if we could go back to the mall in the morning.  Oh, how I wish I were a child again and got so excited about such simple pleasures!!

All pictures taken with my iPhone - sorry for the quality!!

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