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Vacation Day 5

Day 5

August 2nd, 2009

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We got up that morning, hoping to go to the little restaurant next door for breakfast that morning, but unfortunately, it was closed on Sundays. So once we were all ready and packed, we drove down to a different restaurant and had breakfast. Still no crab omelet. I think I'm going to be craving one of those now until I can either find somewhere here that makes one, go back to the coast, or try to make one myself.

After breakfast, we got back on the road and drove down the coast into California. It's my dream to one day drive from the bottom of California, all the way up to the top of Washington all on Highway 101. From the parts of that highway I've been on, there are some great things to look at! It was gorgeous driving through the forest and seeing all of the amazingly tall and big trees. It was still quite foggy, but there were some great views of the ocean as we drove.

Poor Abbi. Not only does she look extremely tired, (she did fall asleep, but not until towards the end), but I only packed one pair of long pants for her that she already wore the day before. So here she is in the jacket and socks we bought for her and her little capri pants!!

We went to a place called Trees of Mystery. Outside, a very large Paul Bunyan and his blue ox welcome you. It's one landmark Josh remembered from going there when he was a child.

Paul Bunyan and Babe the Blue Ox

There our journey started into the forest. I have to admit - you can't really capture on camera how overwhelming these trees are. Nature sure is amazing. And these trees to amazing things to survive.

Family Tree

This is what they call a Family Tree. If you look closely in the photo, you can see trees growing up from tree branches. It has 12 trees growing on the one tree. Crazy - I've never seen that done before!

Clockwise from top left: Tree growing crazy, Mike, Marilyn and the dogs, the tree you could go under, our fam in front of a giant tree, Mike & Marilyn in front of the same tree, Elephant Tree

There were so many amazing trees here to see. Trees that grow horizontal, vertical, and trees that start out going one way and change to a different way! A tree with a crazy root system that they called the Elephant Tree (I guess it is supposed to look like an elephant, but I didn't see it.) Trees that you can walk underneath, and trees that are SO big around!

Tree shots and Cathedral Tree

The tree on the far right is called the Cathedral Tree. It is 9 trees in one, forming a sort of half circle. Many weddings and church services are held in front of this tree every year.

Tram ride and view from the top

They also had a tram that ran to the top of the mountain. This is new from when Josh came here as a child, and is a really great addition to the park. The view from the top was amazing. So beautiful. From one side, you could see out to the ocean, and from the other side, there were trees as far as the eye could see.

Candelabra Tree & tree shot

The tree on the left is called the Candelabra Tree. The horizontal tree on the bottom is a fallen tree that sent up shoots to grow as new trees. They do crazy things to survive!

Wood carvings

At the end of the trail, they have a whole bunch of wood carvings, all done by chainsaw, that depict Paul Bunyan stories. I decided that I'm going to have to read up on Paul Bunyan now, because I didn't really know any of the stories! A few of them sounded vaguely familiar, but I think it would be fun to read them.

Ginormous tree

At the very end of the trail, there is this part of a huge tree that was either cut down or fallen. It is believed to have been growing for thousands of years. That was one big tree!

After going through The Trees of Mystery, we got back on the road and headed back up to Oregon and back to Bud & Karen's house in Klamath Falls. We had dinner at their house, then tucked in for a good night's sleep. We all needed it!!

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Cassie said...

AWESOME photos. I can see why people would want to get married in front of the cathedral tree -- that is stunning!!