Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas Day

What a wonderful Christmas!! We decided to go really low key this year, only buying things for Abbi and Max. We didn't get anything for each other. And guess what - it really made for a wonderful, low stress holiday. No worrying about what to get or where the money was going to come from. Just focusing on Abbi and the reason for the season. We might do this every year!

The morning started off with Abbi checking out what Santa brought her. She must have been a good girl, because she got a Sing & Discover Story Piano and a chipmunk stuffed animal. (She has this obsession with the Chipmunks. Several months ago, we went to a movie with Josh's parents. Abbi wasn't into the movie, so the majority of the movie was spent walking around the hallways with her daddy. There was a big Chipmunks figure in the hall for the upcoming movie, and Abbi fell in love with the 3 little guys. From that point forward, any time she'd see anything with the Chipmunks, she would laugh and smile so big!)

Then she got to open her other presents - a lullaby seahorse, a new pair of jammies, and a star stacker that makes noises. And Max was quite happy with his new squeaky toy and pigs ears!

She needed some help opening the presents, but got the main idea. I'm sure she's going to love it next year!

We then enjoyed our Christmas morning tradition of German scones and honey butter. Josh looks forward to Christmas morning just for the scones!!

We then headed over to Josh's parent's house for Christmas lunch. Ham, rolls, and soup - our bellies were quite full! Abbi scored some more presents - a baby laptop, a turtle toy - and her favorite gift this Christmas - Alvin. She seriously wouldn't let go of that Chipmunk and tried crawling around while carrying him. It was hilarious to watch. She gives him loves and kisses - I've never seen her love on something like that!!

To end the night, we headed down to my sister's house for more food and presents. I am so blessed to live so close to both of our parents and families and to get to spend the holidays with all of them. We truly do have the best families! And it was a great Christmas. I had been looking forward to Abbi's first Christmas, and it did not disappoint. It's just disappointing that it is now over!


Cassie said...

She looks ADORABLE opening those gifts. Just absolutely adorable. I'm glad her first Christmas was a good one, for all of you!

Katrina said...

She is so stinking cute, seriously!
And I love those scones. Makes me want them for dinner tonight.