Thursday, December 24, 2009

Lights at Temple Square

It has been many years since I had been up to see the Christmas lights at Temple Square. And then talking to Josh, he couldn't ever remember going, and he grew up in Utah! Since it was Abbi's first Christmas, we had to make a trip up to see the lights.

We had attempted to go a few times before, but for various reasons, it just didn't end up happening. I was determined to go before Christmas, though. So on December 23rd, we headed up. We decided to ride Trax so that we wouldn't have to fight the traffic, plus neither of us had been on Trax for years, so we thought it would be an adventure.

We should have known that Temple Square would be busy considering it was 2 days before Christmas. And, boy - was it busy!! And not only that, but there were flurries coming down, and the sidewalks were SUPER slick. Needless to say, it was a bit of a circus, and really difficult to walk around for Josh and his knee, but we survived. And the lights were gorgeous. Too bad I don't really know how to take a good picture in the dark. Hopefully I will be better at that by next year so that I can capture the beauty of the lights at Temple Square!

Abbi on her first Trax ride

The beautiful temple

Another shot of the temple and lights

Josh & what you can see of Abbi

Can you tell it was cold out??

me & Abbi

Our attempt at a family photo


Barbara said...

You're right...she is the cutest little girl!
I love the photo of her red nose. You've got her wrapped up within an inch of her life, but that little nose still peeks out.

Cassie said...

That looks like so much fun! I just cannot get over how adorable Abbi is.

kellypea said...

I can't believe a year has passed already -- Abbi is gorgeous! Looks like you three had a fun (and frozen) memorable evening.

Jenny May McKim said...

She really is the cutest little thing..
I miss the lights.... though it did freezing out.
Don't feel bad about the family photo thing.. We suck at it too.. To be honest we did not even get a Photo of the girls with Santa or anything this year...
Oh well.. Next year!!

Michelle said...

great pictures. love it