Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Random December Pics

I tend to take a lot of random pictures. And they mostly just sit on my hard drive. And since this is my journal right now, I thought I'd just throw together a post of random pictures. Just so they don't get lost!!

I swear he thinks he is a person sometimes. It cracked me up to see Max using the pillow and covering up with the blanket!

Blurry picture, but Abbi loves her walker. She gets stuck sometimes - like she is on the chair here - but she can really cruise with that thing!

Abbi still loves to chew on everything. And I had to laugh at this picture because it is totally Abbi - one sock on. For some reason, it's impossible to keep both of her socks on. She's always pulling one of them off!

Max actually looked at the camera - twice! He's usually quite camera shy.

Just one of my cutie!

This is obviously after Christmas. And I've decided that I officially need a designated toy room. I need a bigger house!!

My beautiful baby girl.

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