Friday, February 5, 2010

Book #8 - The Hunger Games

The Hunger Games
Suzanne Collins

Ok, so this was one that was recommended by everyone, but for some reason, I had no idea what it was about. I had requested it at the library, but a month or so when I requested it, I was like 68th in line. Then my sister in law told me that she had a copy, and dropped it off a few days ago for me to borrow. When she dropped it off, she was telling me that there is lots of killing in the book, and that's when I realized I had no idea what the book was about.

I'm not a blood and guts kind of girl. But I could not put this book down. Yeah, it was violent, but the way she writes, it wasn't really graphic. But I loved this book. Even though it gave me bad dreams last night. I do have to say, though - when there is a book in a series, the ending of each book usually has some sort of closure to it. This book really leaves you hanging. So I can't wait until I get my hands on the second book! Definitely a must read if you haven't read this one yet.

Have you read this book? Share your feelings!


Cassie said...

I loved this book!! And I think the second one is even better!

TheKeilShpeel said...

if you think that book leaves you hanging.. wait till the next one. I'm dying for the 3rd book to come out. Great books. I've been lending them out to all my friends too.

Aub and John said...

68th at the library? I am like 250 somethingth on the waiting list. Grrr...

asewell said...

I felt that same way! I loved this book, but the second one is WAY better. It made me like the first one even more.
By the way, I'm so glad you blog - I feel like I still get to see you sometimes just from reading up on your fam and checking out your cute baby girl - how fun for you. Anywho - have a great day!!