Sunday, February 14, 2010

Gardner Village

Last week, Josh's mom, Abbi and I all took a trip up to Gardner Village. I had never been there before, but I know I'll be back! The main purpose of our trip was to check out the photo studio up there, but we had fun going through the shops and looking at everything.

The day started off rainy, so we didn't think the ducks would be out, and we didn't bring any bread with us. Luckily, the sun sort of came out, and the ducks did, too. Abbi loved them. And tried to jump right out of her stroller! Makes me eager for warmer weather and spring and summer afternoons spent feeding and chasing after the ducks!

There are so many cute shops there. Abbi loved all the dolls, and was drawn to more than one tea set. I need to find her a little plastic set that she can play with. There were all kinds of little treasures to be found, like this fun princess headband. Since Abbi is in the stage of hating anything on head, this didn't last long, but it was cute while it was there!

We enjoyed a lunch of Tomato Ravioli soup and rolls, and Abbi and I shared a chocolate cookie. Abbi loves that she can eat grown up food right along with her mommy!

And she loved that nanas kept giving her the buttered pieces of rolls. Yummy!

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Cassie said...

Such great pictures! And I'd be happy if someone was feeding me pieces of buttered roll, too! :)