Sunday, October 10, 2010

Family Pictures

We haven't had any pictures taken since we got married, and I wanted to make sure we got some pictures this year before the new baby comes.  Since we are so poor, my wonderful sister agreed to take a few pics for us.  I felt so bad because Abbi is seriously the HARDEST person in the world to take pictures of - a photographer's nightmare!!  But my sister did a wonderful job and I'm so grateful for her!  We managed to get a few where Abbi was either looking at the camera or didn't look too out of control - that's all I can ask for!!  I really wanted to get these done before I started showing too much, and I had this outfit picked out.  Well, in about a week's time, my baby bulge, well, bulged a little more so my dress was tighter than I had anticipated and I wasn't able to hide it so much.  Oh well - what do you do???  At least we got some pictures!!


Cassie said...

These are such beautiful pictures! You have a gorgeous family, Deborah. :)

Abby said...

I love them! Utah must be the most picturesque place on the planet. The backdrops from there are always amazing!

Michelle said...

those are really really great pictures! you guys are all so good looking!