Thursday, October 28, 2010

Pumpkin Fun

I love pumpkin time!!  We were so excited to go to the pumpkin patch this year.  We had a Saturday afternoon all planned out for the all of us to go together, but just our luck - it poured rain all day.  And since Josh works until it's dark at night, Abbi and I had to venture out on our own one day.

We went to a great pumpkin patch in Springville.  Not only did they have pumpkins for sale, but they also had a little petting zoo, a maze made from hay, and free hay rides to see lots more animals.

Let me just say, this was like Christmas for Abbi.  She loves animals!

She wasn't afraid to pet any of them.  They had some goats and a llama that the kids could pet.

Hello, cute llama!!

They had hay bales everywhere, but let's just say that Abbi wasn't cooperative to get her picture taken!

We had fun going through the little hay maze.  Although we ran into lots of dead ends, Abbi eventually led us out!

We went pretty late in the month, but the pumpkin patch was still pretty full - except for right around the front where you buy pumpkins.

On the hayride, we were able to see sheep, goats, cows and horses.

Then we went out to look at the pumpkins.  Like I said, it was pretty late in the month and there had already been some really cold nights, so some of the pumpkins were not at their prime.  But that didn't stop Abbi from trying to pick them all up!

We ended up just buying some of the already picked pumpkins, mostly because I didn't want to have to carry them in from the field!!  Abbi picked her own pumpkin and held it the whole way home!

When we got home, and when Josh got home from work, we set out to carve the pumpkins.

Josh got busy cutting the tops off while Abbi wanted to clean out her own pumpkin.  I was surprised how she just dug right in!

And she even thought that maybe they tasted good - but she learned quickly that raw pumpkin seeds and guts don't taste good!

Unfortunately, this is as far as we got.  Our pumpkins got cleaned out, but we didn't carve them.  I can't believe it!  But they are sitting on the doorstep, ready to go!  I guess it's a good thing that Abbi is young enough that she doesn't know any different!

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Michelle said...

those last pictures of her are killing me! She is so cute sitting there with her messy little hair digging out a pumpking! I love her!