Monday, May 19, 2014

Abbi's Preschool Graduation

My little girl is officially a preschool graduate!!

Abbi loves school so much. She handled the transfer to a new school in January like a champ and loved her new school. Her teacher, Mrs. Eggli, was great and Abbi really loved her. She had fun with her classmates, and would talk about Riley every day when she got home. Even after leaving graduation, the first thing she said is that she is going to miss Riley.

 The school had a really cute graduation program where the kids got to sing the songs that they learned and they each read a book. I was so proud of Abbi and how well she did!!

 And now I can't believe that the next step is kindergarten!

And just in case you want to see how cute it all was, I have a video. But be warned - I think my blood sugar was low because my hands were so shaky, and there are some pretty shaky parts in the video!

Abbi Preschool Graduation May 19, 2014 from Deborah Harroun on Vimeo.

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