Sunday, May 18, 2014

Miami, FL - Day 4

My last day in Miami!

 The conference technically ended the night of the 17th, but my flight wasn't until the afternoon of the 18th, so I spent the morning hanging out with Lauren (Lauren's Latest) Amanda (Kevin and Amanda) Jenny (Picky Palate) and Barbara (Barbara Bakes). We went to breakfast at a place called Michael's Genuine Food and Drink. We practically ordered one of everything, and it's a good thing because we all started laughing as they brought the food out and we saw the portion sizes. For the prices, we thought they would be normal sized portions, but they were literally just a few bites. It all worked out, though, and I think we all got enough to eat. It was fun to get to try out so many different things off of the menu!!

 Lauren's husband flew in that morning (they were staying in Miami a little longer) so he drove us to a shopping area where we also walked to the beach and got to put our feet in the sand. I wish I would have had more time there to spend at the beach - Florida beaches sure are beautiful!! Last fall when we were in Florida, I didn't even go to the beach at all, so at least this time I got to feel my toes in the sand for a few minutes.

 I headed back and got my bag and headed to the airport after that. I had been in Miami several days and still hadn't had a Cuban sandwich, so I took my last opportunity and bought one at the airport. The sandwich was actually pretty amazing. (I also ordered a slice of red velvet cake and it was not very good. I only had a bite or two and ended up throwing the rest away.)

 I had such a fun time in Florida, but I was super excited to get home to my babies and my hubby!!

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