Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Book #12 - On Becoming Babywise

On Becoming Babywise
Gary Ezzo

Blurb   Scientists can put a man on the moon but they can not answer the most basic question of early parenting: how to have a happy and contented baby who sleeps continually through the night like the rest of the family and a mother who is not in a perpetual state of exhaustion. Now, moms and dads need look no further than On Becoming Babywise. Babywise is an exciting infant management plan that successfully and naturally helps infants synchronize their feeding, waketime and nighttime sleep cycles. Find out what four million grateful parents worldwide have already learned. Discover the positive prescription for curing sleepless nights and fussy babies. Recommended by doctors across the country.  (From Goodreads)

Length: Short -  pages

Notes:  I think this is the first non- fiction book I have read since starting these reviews!!  But with the birth of my boy only days or weeks away, I knew I needed to get with it!  With Abbi, my biggest problem - since birth - was her dependence.  Both needing to be held constantly and not sleeping on her own.  In fact, we didn't get the whole sleeping thing down until right before she turned 2!  I wanted to do better this time around, especially since having 2 kids will be twice as hard.  So many people have recommended this book to me, and it totally makes sense to me.  I'm planning on implementing the practices in this book, so only time will tell if it is successful for me or not. 

Recommend: yes

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