Thursday, January 27, 2011

Abigail - 2 Years Old

Wow - how time flies.  From this:

to this:

to this!!

My little girl is such the toddler.  (And I have officially determined that she is the hardest subject for pictures - this girl does not like to look at the camera!!)

At 2 years old, Abbi:

*Loves to love.  She has such a tender heart and constantly expresses her love for everyone and everything!
*Is a really good talker.  In fact, I think she talks as well as any 3-year old, and even some 4-year olds!  She can speak in complete sentences and is usually really good about expressing what she wants.

*Is such a girl.  She loves playing dress up, loves playing with her dolls and stuffed animals, and loves dresses!  She also loves babies and will get so happy whenever she sees a baby!
*Loves crayons and coloring.

*Is a sometimes good eater.  She loves any fruit, crackers, cheese, yogurt and toast.  She won't eat vegetables, but I can usually get her to try at least a bit of anything else.
*Is finally - at 2 years old - falling asleep and staying asleep in her crib!  For the longest time, she would not go down if I didn't rock her first, then we finally got her to go down in her crib as long as one of us sat in there for 10-15 minutes, but now, I can put her down and walk out.  My life is so much easier!!

*Loves to dance.  Especially while wearing a tutu.
*Loves to sing.  Her favorite songs are probably the Dora song, the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse song, Twinkle Twinkle, the ABC song, and Hush Little Baby.

*Loves Dora and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.  
*Is getting very independent.  She already wants to pick out what she wears every day.
*She loves her grandparents and her cousins.  It's usually a daily thing to hear that she wants to go visit one or all of them!

*Is one of the smartest little girls that I know.  She has been able to count into the teens since she was around 20 months, can kind of say her alphabet and will remember almost anything you tell her. 
*Still is a cuddler, which mommy loves!  When she gets up from her nap, she always wants to spend a few minutes sitting with mommy, cuddling. 

*Loves going to nursery.  In fact, we'll be sitting in church, and she'll usually ask multiple times during the meeting if it's time to go to nursery.  I'm so glad for the great leaders that make her so excited to be there!
*Loves to give loves and kisses!

*Is a big girl - at 31 pounds!  She is mostly wearing 3T clothes already.
*Is obsessed with shapes and colors.  She likes to point them out wherever we go!

*Is quite a character, but I can't imagine her any other way!!

Happy 2nd birthday Abigial!  Your mommy and daddy love you so much and you have brought so much light, warmth and many, many smiles into our lives!!


Michelle said...

she is soooo cute Deb!

Cassie said...

Happy Birthday Abbi! She sounds like such a joy. And your pictures, as usual, are wonderful -- and you have a very photogenic subject too!