Friday, June 5, 2009

3 Little Monkeys

I have lots of memories of jumping on the trampoline as a child. One of the first - I can't really remember how old I was - but my 2 younger sisters and I spent a few weeks during the summer with our cousins. They had a trampoline, but only 2 people were allowed on the tramp at a time. Now as a parent, I can see the logic in that, but as a child - that is just not very fun! I do remember once that we broke that rule and got in quite a bit of trouble, but for the most part, we tried to follow the rules.

Sometime after that, we got a trampoline at our house. We spent lots of time out there. We loved to play on it in the summer time, getting it wet with the hose and jumping on the wet tramp. Or putting the sprinkler underneath. And many summer nights were spent, curled up in sleeping bags, sleeping on top, telling scary stories all night while looking for shooting stars. It was one of these nights that I saw a UFO fly by. I'd tell you the story, but then you would all think I was crazy!

I never was very daring on the trampoline. But that is not surprising, considering I'm not very daring with anything in life that could get me hurt. (Go figure I would marry a man that is the complete opposite and thrives on activities that could end in danger!) I remember learning to do a front flip or a back flip - I can't remember which - but being completely terrified of landing on my head. I think I eventually learned, but was never very comfortable doing it. I was more content just jumping and running!

Now it's been years since I've even been on one. Which kind of makes me sad. I see the kids running and jumping, having the time of their lives, and it makes me miss being a kid.

Jumping carefree - not a worry in the world. If I had a trampoline in my back yard, I think I'd go out and jump on it right now, just for old times sake. Heck, maybe I'd even grab Josh and a sleeping bag and head out for a backyard campout. I'm sure Max would have fun! But unfortunately, I don't have a trampoline. (And I think my neighbors might think I'm a bit strange if they came out to see me jumping on their trampoline!) Instead, I'm going to find something to do tomorrow that makes me feel like a kid again. Any suggestions?

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Katrina said...

How cute are those monkeys! And that chubby one in the post before this one--LOVE it! Same stories--well, we never had a trampoline growing up, but friends did and we used to do the same things--jump with water, sleep under the stars, ahh, brings back the memories!
BUT, now our neighbors have a trampoline and one day all the kids were playing on it, so my husband and i joined in and it hurt! It just hurt--the jumping, the falling, the cracking-the-egg game. I thought it hurt. That may just be me! ;)
Maybe you could just jump in the sprinklers. Or find the ice cream truck. Hope you have fun with whatever you find to do.