Saturday, June 27, 2009

5 Months

5 whole months. My baby is 5 months. And she looks so grown up to me in these pictures - it actually makes me a bit sad!! I was holding a friend's newborn a few days ago, and was amazed at how small she felt, and it was crazy for me to think that just 5 months ago, Abbi was that small!

At 5 months, Abbi:

  • Is almost sitting unsupported. She'll fall to the front or to the side after about 7 seconds, but I'm sure she'll be sitting up in the next month!
  • Wants to put everything in her mouth. Her favorites - wipe bags, cell phones, water bottles, mommy's fingers, actually any body part belonging to anyone!, burp rags and her toys.
  • Has really discovered her voice. She loves to make noises - especially her fake cough and a ear-piercing screech. I can't wait for her to get over the screech!

  • Is still a total thumb sucker. I can usually tell when she is getting tired because her thumb goes into her mouth. And she almost always sleeps with it there.
  • Loves her schedule. If we fall off of it for one reason or another, she gets crabby, but if we stick to it, she is such a happy girl!
  • But she still hates going to sleep. She'll usually cry for a few minutes after she is put down, but then will fall asleep. I think she just doesn't want to miss out on anything!

  • Loves to laugh. Things that make her laugh the most - when Max runs around the house like a crazy dog, when you blow on her face, and when you pretend to eat her toes.
  • Is getting better at letting other people hold her. People that she let hold her this month - my mom, my dad, Josh's mom, Josh's sister, and one of my sisters.

  • Loves her knees up underneath her. This is how she sleeps most of the time, with her little bum sticking up in the air.
  • Has started the beginnings of an army crawl. She still uses rolling as her main way to move - I think it's because she knows it's faster - but she will scoot to get things that are just beyond her reach.
  • Is still growing like a weed. In fact, I was carrying her in her car seat a few days ago and realized that I'm not going to be able to carry her that way much longer. She's just too big!

  • Was sleeping through the night, but has decided the last few nights that she wants to wake up once a night again. Hopefully she'll go back to all night again soon!
  • Although she's (mostly) sleeping through the night, she really only wants to sleep 8-9 hours a night. And it doesn't matter when I put her to bed, she'll wake up 8 hours later. Luckily, she'll go back down for another hour usually after I feed her, but I am learning to operate on less than 8 hours of sleep each night. (I really need to learn to go to be when she does!)
And the monthly chair picture. I love this girl!!


Cassie said...

She is so squeezable and chubby and adorable! I seriously just want to hug her. What a sweet little girl you have!

Ryley said...

These pictures are sooo cute!!

Sometimes it amazes me how alike her and Miles are. It's almost like they are at the same stages, and sometimes she passes him up.

This past week he started doing the fake cough and the high pitched squealing. He thinks the fake cough is HILLARIOUS! He laughs the hardest when he does that..
He's been waking us up every morning with that squeal. I just told Aaron yesterday "i hope this phase passes soon!"
He's not sitting up yet, but I think he'll be there in a month. He's thinking about it! :)
But she'll definitly be moving before him!
I'm always glad when you do this because I feel like I'll forget to write something down and it helps me remember. I would have never remembered to write down how funny he thinks his fake coughs are!

Janell said...

Oh, she makes me smile :)

Abby said...

She's so cute. I just wanna kiss her cheeks!

Makes me want a girl.

Almost. Ha.

LOVE the butt pic. Adorable.

Michelle said...

she is soooo cute. I also love the butt picture...w/ those adorable leg warmers! are you kidding! those are so cute!

Katrina said...

She really is just about the cutest baby girl! (I can say it that way, I have four boys and they were pretty darn cute!) Love your monthly pictures of her.