Friday, June 19, 2009


I don't get it. My food blog is my happy place. A place I try to keep positive and light. After all, it's about food, and food generally makes me happy. So why do people feel like they have the right (anonymously, by the way), to be negative and mean?

I got a comment yesterday regarding the Red Velvet Whoopie Pies I made. It said:
Taste and tell....well, I'll tell alright! May this be a warning: DO NOT ATTEMPT TO BAKE THESE. There is a mistake in here. The cookie did NOT rise and the frosting was nothing short of horrendous. I followed this EXACT recipe. I've baked many difficult things in my time and almost all of them have been edible. This, however, was a disaster. A plague on both your houses!!! Please check this recipe before you prepare to bake!
Well, first of all, I made the cookies from the very exact recipe, and if you were able to tell, they worked for me. In fact, those are pictures of the cookies I made - from that same exact recipe - on my blog. The photos I take are always my own, from the very recipes I post. And obviously, the recipe worked for me. You know, I wouldn't have been annoyed if this lady (or man, not quite sure) would have posted a comment, letting me know (nicely) that the cookies did not work for her. But a "plague on both your houses"?? I don't quite understand that. And then I go to click over to find out who this person is, and of course, the name doesn't lead to a blog, and no email address is listed. If she would have left me a way to contact her, I would have gladly discussed the recipe with her to see what went wrong. But I'm left with an anonymous comment, and no way to comment. I would just take the mean comment off, but I don't want to be accused of only posting nice comments. I made a comment back on the post, being very nice, but I'm guessing this person doesn't really care to hear my nice reply. She only wants me plagued.

It all reminds me of a lady who emailed me once, asking if I had a good recipe for a chocolate cake roll after she read a post of mine about how I had tried this one recipe 4 times without luck. I told her that the one I had tried was the only recipe I had, but she wanted the recipe. I emailed her back, asking if she was sure, because I had tried it 4 times, and it didn't work out for me. She assured me that she wanted the recipe, so I took the time to type it up and email it to her, once again warning her that the recipe was probably wrong because it did not work for me. A few days later, I get an email from her. She basically chewed me out for sending her such a dud of a recipe, complaining that it was a disaster. Did she not read my previous 2 or 3 emails, telling her that this recipe did not work for me, so I was guessing that it wouldn't work for her?

People.... I just don't understand them sometimes.


Ryley said...

I'm sorry Deborah... I got one of those once too on my food blog.. It made me so mad..
I deleted it! I think you should do the same.. Really. .you should..
Remember there are lots of factors to a recipe.. personal taste being a big one.. and altitude being a second one. I've made some recipes that people just rave over that are horrible!! It happens sometimes.. for all you know they could have used a tablespoon of salt in stead of a teaspoon or something like that... dont let it get you down..
We still love you! :)

Michelle said...

wow! what a beast! seriously! how dare someone talk to my deborah that way! Who seriously says things like that? maybe (he/she) is an idiot (obviously) and didn't make the cookies correctly...I mean really! I am super super bugged by this person. why did they have to be so mean instead of just being such a jerk! aaahh....i am bugged! what a loser! i love you deb

Cassie said...

Wow, REALLY? I just have trouble understanding people like that. What happened to, "If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all"? I guess it just makes some people feel better to criticize others. I bet he or she is just jealous of your beautiful food blog and your great recipes. Heck, I am! :-)

Abby said...

She was quoting Shakespeare, which you probably already know but don't understand exactly WHY she chose that quote. Neither do I because it's a bit harsh for a RECIPE. Weirdo.

I posted a recipe last week - the orzo one - and I said that it DID NOT WORK for me. Yet people keep telling me they're going to try it and yada yada yada. I don't get it, but whatev.

I delete nasty comments and anything I don't generally like. (I get some DOOZIES on Flickr - and I've never claimed to be a pro photo OR chef. Ugh. People have complained about how I frost cupcakes and chop broccoli - leaving the stems on. COME ON.)

Delete it. Your blog is an extension of your home! If mama ain't happy, ain't nobody happy.

Claire said...

WHO KNOWS!!!! I guess maybe I'm glad my blog isn't so widely read b/c I haven't gotten any comments like that yet.

Katrina said...

People can be so dense and heartless sometimes. Sorry.
Go kiss that cute, chubby little girl and you'll feel better! ;)