Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Obsessed with Feet

Are any of you watching The Bachelorette? I haven't watched it, or The Bachelor, for many years, but somehow, I got sucked in by this season. All the drama, all the unrealistic dates, all the kissing... I'm seriously surprised with how many guys this girl is kissing!! Anyway, one of the guys has a foot fetish that he is very vocal about. He is a very strange guy in my opinion, even without throwing in all the foot fetish comments.

Well, I know I already posted a video with Abbi going for her feet, but she has a bit of a foot fetish as well, and I wanted to share more pictures. And not only is she obsessed with her own feet, but she is always trying to grab toes of anyone that is near. But no - I do not let her suck on anyone's toes but her own!


Cassie said...

Oh yes, I watch The Bachelorette, and I know exactly who you're talking about. I'm always pretty skeezed out whenever he talks about her feet...ugh.

Abbi sucking on her own toes is much, MUCH cuter.

Ryley said...

I have not allowed myself to watch that show this season, but I know I'll get sucked in at the end. I have heard about that guy though..

She is so cute sucking on her toes. Miles loves to play with his toes, but he doesnt put them in his mouth.. And thankfully he doesnt notice anyone elses! He likes to grab our pant legs and suck on them.. I dont know which is worse. :)

I LOVE all her chub.. it is soooo cute.. She's so rolly polly and precious... but she could totally beat Miles up! :) he barely weighs over 15 lbs right now!

Katrina said...

I'm almost always sucked in by the Bachelor/Bachelorette. Gross on the foot fetish. He's gone now. Took her long enough. Although I do believe he may be one of the only ones she didn't kiss.

Your baby is SO cute. A couple of my boys had a thing for their toes as babies. Love it.

TheKeilShpeel said...

Yes.. I too haven't watched the Bachelor or Bachelorette in a few years but started watching with one of my girls and totally got sucked in. I feel bad for her because she says she has a good judge of character but at the same time, there aren't very many guys left that are good. I'm glad she got rid of Tanner(foot fetish).. that was just plain weird. He'd rather make love to her feet than her face.. no wonder he never got to kiss her. I really liked Ed and sad she got rid of Jake too.. But Kiptin..she can't keep her hands off.
Anyway.. enough about that.. what cute pics.. :)