Saturday, March 13, 2010

12 of 12 - March

1 - The day started with book reading. A requirement for every day!
2 - Some love and attention given to Max. Since he acts like he is always ignored (but he really isn't!)
3 - Checking on my giveaway at My Giveaway Today.
4 - Out to run errands!
5 - A stop at Kohl's to find a bowl for my segment on Studio 5. And trying on some shirts so that I'll have something to wear that hides my muffin top!
6 - Just found out that there is a French bakery in Orem that sells macarons! I had to go and sample them, and they were wonderful. Surprisingly, I loved the lemon one the best. SO good.
7 - A stop at Target and a cranky girl. Errands cut short because of the cranky girl.
8 - Treats at home to cure the crankiness.
9 - Time to make dinner!
10 - Some time spent on the back porch, enjoying the nice weather and watching daddy fertilize the lawn.
11 - This girl loves being outside!
12 - The house is quiet - time to get caught up on some things, including paying bills. Not the best way to end the day, but it's gotta be done!

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Cassie said...

I look forward to seeing these every month. I don't know why, they just make me smile!