Friday, March 26, 2010

{Abbi-a-Day} Days 78-84

I couldn't decide on just one picture - she just looks too cute!! She is hilarious when a breeze blows on her face - that is what is happening in the picture on the right.

She wanted to go outside and help daddy in the yard. I don't know why she is sticking her tongue out, but it made me laugh!

She does not let me put anything on her head anymore - hats, bows, headbands - unless she sticks it on herself. It's a shame, too, because she looks so stinkin' cute in a hat. Luckily, she put it on and I was able to get a picture! (Just as a side note - she must have a really small head. We bought this hat last summer when we were in St. George to keep her out of the sun a bit. It is infant sized, and was just way too big for her. It is just now fitting her!)

Ok, I have to come clean and say that I cheated a bit here. I totally did take a picture, but I'm a dork and accidentally erased all my pictures from one day from my camera. Luckily it was only one day, but I was so upset that I lost the day's picture since I haven't missed a day yet. I couldn't leave it blank, though, so I cheated and put on the outfit she was wearing that day and we pretended. So although it's cheating, it's not really cheating...

Abbi loves to be outside so much that she will sometimes sneak out. When Max goes out, we'll usually shut the door, but not all the way so he can push it open when he wants to come back in. Well, she has figured out how to stick her fingers in the door frame so she can pry the door open. She made a run for it this day, even though she is obviously not dressed to be outside!

Josh was taking care of her while I was getting dressed, and I walked into the bathroom with her having a ball on the counter. I missed catching her making faces in the mirror, but she loves when she can get up and play with the things on the sink!

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