Thursday, March 25, 2010

Book #20 - River Secrets

River Secrets
Shannon Hale

Yes, another Shannon Hale book. I only have one left in this series, and I'm going to be sad when I'm finished. But she still has some other books that I'm looking forward to reading!

Just like the others from this series, I really enjoyed this. These books are super easy reads. Although they are 300+ pages, I can get through one in 2 or 3 days. They are fun and inventive, and completely entertaining. I think one of the things I like the best about this series is that each book is from a different character's perspective. I think it really helps you to see the whole picture a little better.

The only thing I have been thinking about with this book and the one previous to this (Enna Burning) is that they are a little dark for young adult fiction. I know my 12 year old niece read the first book in the series - Goose Girl - and I kept saying that I can't wait to read that book with Abbi when she is older. I don't know how young girls would take the second and third book, though, because there is a bit of death and killing in them.

Have you read this book? Share your feelings!

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